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Friday, February 22, 2019

Prmary Tillis

Don’t forget to write our idiot senator Tilliis and demand he support the President on the wall.  So far he is among 7 Republicans who say they plan to screw Trump.

Some say precedent might be set— maybe a Demoncrat would go after guns, or a green agenda.etc. They are stupid.  Trump is Commander in Chief carrying out his official duty against a foreign invasion.  Guns are covered by the second amendment.  Greening can’t even be proven to make a case. Smokescreens. -not equivalents.


Johnny Rico said...

thom tillis knows North Carolina is slowly turning purple, therefore he's hedging his bets in regards to how he votes. He always has, even when he was a state Senator. The one thing though that Tillis always counts on are for conservatives to come around and support him. He believes, and history is on his side, that the very conservatives he's spent many, many years screwing, hard, will consider him the lesser of two evils. As for the conservatives who've already outed him as a liberal socialist sheep, he calls them "radicals" or "extremists." In other words, he denigrates and stereotypes those who disagree with him just like run of the mill, generic liberals do.

It was always easy to see that thom tillis (notice lower case) was a fringe left radical masquerading as a conservative. That idiot couldn't offer a thought of his own if his life depended on it, especially if said thought was unique in any sort of way. tillis idiot is the epitome of a status quo politician. He may not take your rights away by a vote (although this may be changing), however his failure to restore your rights lost under previous liberals who DID vote your rights away is the same thing as taking your rights. A status quo politician, a fence sitter if you will, is absolutely no better than a fringe left collectivist liberal. In fact, status quo politicians are much worse as they gain power under the guise of being a conservative, thus preventing real conservatives from gaining office. Now this isn't entirely the fault of liberal tillis. It takes millions of idiots who are too stupid to see what he's doing. NC is rife with the unenlightened. The Watauga County rethuglican party, the same party too scared to post on a Watauga Conservative, probably love tillis.

So ask yourself, has thom tillis EVER put forth an innovative, creative bill, scheme, thought or action? Has he ever pushed a conservative ideal and increased your freedom or liberty? I've kept track of this idiot for many years now, and the answer is no. Funny how folks forget tillis voted for a tax increase for North Carolinians just before he left his seat in the state Senate. And let us not forget that tillis was so afraid of Johnny Rico and USS Rodger Young that he had one of his henchwomen or men volunteer to help Blogger on this very site for the express purpose of blocking all posts critical in any way of tillis for several months prior to the election.

Tillis is much like RINO Richard burr- they expect the conservative vote simply because they call themselves Republicans. Will tillis continue his assault on your freedom? If history is an indicator, he will have a very long career RULING over his North Carolina subjects. May your chains rest lightly.

Samantha Tzlotsky

Wolf's Head said...

Take Heart!

Lefties are losing ground, but they still have to high a profile relative to their numbers.

Let's get it down to ZERO states, and ZERO politicians like Traitor Tillis.

Sarkazein said...

Wolf's Head 2:55 PM- It is so strange New Hampshire is on that list and Vermont for that matter.

Sarkazein said...

Wolf's Head- Vermont and New Hampshire should have built a wall to keep out the immigrant liberals from NY and Connecticut.

Face to the hill! said...

I support Trump’s vision on border security. But I would vote against the emergency. - Sen.Thom Tillis' op ed in The Washington Post (2/25/19)


"President Trump has few bigger allies than me when it comes to supporting his vision of 21st-century border security..." - Sen.Thom Tillis (R-NC)


I believe him, don't you?