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Saturday, March 16, 2019

As Investigations Of Trump Widen, They Lose Their Relevance! Dick Morris...


Johnny Rico said...

The investigations do lose their relevance as MORRIS states. More importantly though is what the forever investigation does to the left. It again highlights the hate, bigotry, fear, loathing, sneakiness, snarkyness, and extremism of the left (Democrat’s) for all of America to see. Can’t wait to see the screaming idiots when Trump (if he defeats gun control)wins again. I enjoy watching dumpocrats and never trumpets becoming unhinged. Speaking of unhinged, our own Village Idiot is in professional treatment once again!!! LOL. Gotta love self destruction.

Johnny RICO

Janis Beard

Johnny Rico said...

The left is unable to answer if they will apologize if Mueller's investigation uncovers no collusion. Why wouldn't they apologize for saying Trump colluded if it's found he didn't? The hate on the left runs deep. Makes one wonder how they developed so much hatred. Village idiot, when you get out of treatment, perhaps you want to try and answer this before you go delusional again. LOL!!!!

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

Ashley Kinson

Sarkazein said...

Now, the Democrats and the MSM have to start moving the goal posts.