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Saturday, March 30, 2019


                                                                                                                                                             Can anyone explain how refugees from a country that has let them down and caused them to flee will  still proudly display their flag? Why wouldn't they be carrying American flags? The one in the picture appears to be a Honduran flag. Their country failed them and they failed their country by fleeing. What's the pride? Coming to a town near you.


Foscoe in Phoenix said...

They come here because they truly believe they are owed something. And as Heinlein said so eloquently, "That which is given, has no value." There is nothing valuable in coming to America because they don't have to work for it. They expect it, therefore retaining nationalism of their home country makes sense - for them. If they were forced to earn citizenship here in the United States, things would be different. They would learn English, and fly the American flag.

Most of this has been caused by left wing immigrant rights groups at work in Central America. These caravans were sparked by immigrant rights groups who are actively working to radically transform America. They can't do it the traditional way (voting, swaying public opinion, etc.), so they use simple numbers. With so many loopholes in federal immigration law, there really isn't a demographic that's off limits to entering America. As these millions of foreigners become citizens and have children, look out. Texas will be blue soon enough. When that happens, you can kiss your rights away.

But all the blame isn't on the left. The Republicans have had an equal hand in choosing foreigners over American citizens. Even now the only one I really see fighting the insurgency (it's an insurgency when they carry the Honduran flag folks) is Donald Trump. Where are the rest of the Republicans. Heck, George Bush was flat against Trump just a few months ago over the two migrant children who died of the flu. What does that tell you about Bush's proclivities towards immigration when he was in office?

Finally the sheep of America are to blame as well. When you see illegal aliens doing the work that locals once did, and nothing is done about it, then what do you expect to happen. Just two weeks ago, the Boone Police Department promised the "Hispanic Community" they wouldn't call ICE. WTF? What other groups of criminals will Boone Police Department protect over American citizens? Guess the family killed by illegal aliens over on 105 a few years back will just have to live with it according to the Boone PD. That is how the Molly Tibbits, Kate Stienles, and Officer Singhs happen - through complacency and putting American citizens in 2nd place.

Anonymous said...

Watch "US" at the theatre.

Picture the people in red as illegals.

Sarkazein said...

Mexico says 100,000 Northern Triangle refugees tried to cross the Mexican southern border in MARCH. Where is the United Nations and where are the Democrats? Both are as worthless as worthless can be.

Anonymous said...

Trump’s Central American Policies are making life harder for these people creating more wanting to flee. Failed governments, violence and opposition will always create refugees.
“Ignorance is not a Virtue “ President Obama

Sarkazien said...

So they all want to come live in his country? HaHaHaHaHaHa Trump Derangement Syndrome sure screws up your logic. I guess you are going to climb the White House fence so you can live in his residence.

Anonymous said...

Boone is a sanctuary city. The police department hosted illegal aliens and promised they would not call ICE or do anything immigration related to said illegal aliens. The High Country Press reported a recent "Hispanic Forum" which, among other things, brought in a citizenship and immigration services officer to show illegal aliens how to apply for citizenship and visas.

This is why illegal aliens flood into our once great country while flying the flag of their country of origin. Hopefully Trump will flood Boone with illegal aliens - maybe the Boone Police Chief will host some illegal aliens himself since he likes them so much. The illegal alien who killed the family over on 105 in a drunk driving accident years ago was one of the
"hard working immigrants" that the city of Boone is giving a pass to. Notice all the illegal aliens listed in the arrest reports in the Watauga Democrat - these are a protected class now.

This is why we have an illegal alien problem. And what will Watauga County residents do about it? Not a thing. Americans are sheeple incapable of the type of critical thought that gave us independence 240+ years ago.

Sarkazien said...

And give them free college there along with health care, housing, and Obama stamps. This is why Bernie knows we have to secure the borders, you can't have virtually open borders and be a welfare state.

Anonymous said...

How about dumping several thousand of those illegal aliens in Boone, a sanctuary city. The police chief would welcome them as would the boone city council.