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Monday, March 11, 2019

Johhny Warned Me About Tillis

Media reports it is now only four traitors voting against our president.  Tillis is still one of them.
Johnny, how did you know?


Johnny Rico said...


Good evening fine sir. I apologize for not answering earlier, but I was on a mini-expedition on Grandfather Mountain looking for the lost gold deposit. I think I'm getting closer judging from several markers contained in historical references.

At any rate, to answer your question we must go back 4+ decades I was a dyed in the wool Republican loving American. I supported Gerald Ford simply because he was a Republican even though I saw him doing very little for the country. I actually drove to DC to walk by the White House hoping to catch a glimpse of him if you can believe that!!! He was a prime example of what I now term "Status Quo Politician" even though I didn't realize it at the time. Then we had the disaster known as jimmy "gutless" carter which caused me to again overlook the many failings of Republicans and vote, and staunchly support, the Old Gipper. I didn't have the force of will to call out Reagen's missteps on immigration and gun control, perhaps due to his on point speeches regarding freedom, liberty, and limited government which to this day are simply breathtaking and unprecedented.

Those missteps, stuck in the recesses of my consciousness, were awakened when George bush senior quit the NRA and enacted more gun control. I was shocked, hurt, and saddened to the point I began watching the Republican Party's strategic goals in hopes I was either misinformed or plain wrong in my thought process. bill clinton was swept into office due to bush's stance on gun control and the damage he wrought was extensive as we know. I used Clinton's depredations on our Republic as the very first litmus test of the republican party. Would they gain back anything we lost, especially the assault weapons ban which sunseted? As we know, the answer was no. Not only did bush jr. not gain back any of our freedoms, he indicated he would SIGN ANOTHER ASSAULT WEAPONS ban if Congress brought the bill before him to sign. I long suspicioned republicans were more about retaining power than doing what I elected them to do. I also suspected them of shining me on and expecting I would continue to vote for them simply because they were Republicans.

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Johnny Rico said...

I felt pretty confident that Republicans were purely self serving and not interested in freedom, liberty, or a limited form of govt. Moving from national politics to state and local politics at the behest of the great one USS Rodger Young, who at the time was assailing Watauga Watch to great effect, I delved into the state legislature. I noticed a troubling, similar trend beginning to take shape there as well. For the 1st time in a hundred years, the state legislature went from democrat to republican (notice lower case for both). Another litmus test was formulating and I couldn't wait to see how it would turn out. (I remember this time vividly as I was at the Wellness Center working out soon after Republicans took office, and one of my breasts broke through my sports bra and I had to go home!) Would we gain the many needed freedoms that were denied us by democrats for a century, especially the racist, bigoted handgun permitting system enacted during the Jim Crow era and supported by a majority of Sheriffs? The answer was a resounding no. Head of this class of RINOs was Phil Berger and Thom Tillis who refused adamantly, for a period of YEARS, to hear meaningful pro-gun legislation. Berger and Tillis both publicly stated that pro-gun legislation "didn't poll well". The case was made in my mind at that point that republicans were more interested in retaining power than doing the things I elected them to do.

Finally we had the infamous Blowing Rock Land Trade which was the proverbial nail in the coffin. When the Town of Blowing Rock bought 190 acres of land far outside of city limits and didn't even know where the boundaries of said land were it caused concern. The secret land deal, made outside of public eyes and ears, was uncovered one day when several sportswomen and men were harassed by police for hunting on US Forest Service land in Mayview Park. The PD told sportswomen and men that the town now owned the land and that it couldn't be hunted. Sportswomen and men were outraged, did some research, and found the Town didn't even know where the 190 acres they purchased was!! In fact, the land was a MILE from where the cops harassed local hunters and trappers!!! Further research, much to the chagrin of Blowing Rock, revealed that a town council member's house overlooked the misplaced land (which was really US Forest Service) and said council member didn't want the land developed to protect a million dollar view.

Would Republicans help locals prevent an unethical land purchase and eventual trade? The State legislature was contacted and wanted nothing to do with it. Tillis was on the legislature. Republicans refused to listen to a disturbing situation made to order for a conservative legislature to gain traction on. Sportswomen and men then went to Virginia Foxx and Richard Burr who proceeded to turn on local sportswomen and men and support the Town of Blowing Rock in the land trade. In the end, 190 acres of land were exchanged for 10 acres of land to supposedly give Blowing Rock control of its reservoir of which it already had control of due to a deeded grant by Bertha Cone. The Republican Party did nothing to increase freedom or liberty, squandering an opportunity to stick it to out of control government.

Johnny Rico said...

Thom Tillis was singled out early as a status quo politician. He followed the exact same pattern as Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan (still pains me to denigrate Reagan), both Bushes, Watauga County Commissioners, and a slew of Republican lawmakers too numerous to mention. When put to the test, Tillis failed EVERY truly conservative situation he was put in. He had no problem turning on conservatives either, as evidenced from my ban on this very site by a Tillis sponsored henchman. So Blogger, it was not hard to see what was coming with tillis once my eyes were on it. He's an elitist liberal and always has been. He takes the path of least resistance as that path, for a politician, always leads to more or continued power. Tillis only cares about one thing. Power. If he can retain that, then he will walk on the backs of anyone he can to reach it.

I think many others fell into the same trap that I did many years ago - the belief that a Republican was conservative simply because they are a Republican. It took me getting burnt time and again to realize the difference between a Republican and a conservative. And perhaps God opened my eyes as well. Once I realized the difference, it caused me to quit the Republican Party and register as an Independent.

Johnny Rico

Johnny Rico said...

Grass Roots NC, the pre-eminent gun rights organization in NC says Thom Tillis is going to vote for the Red Flag Senate Bill which, as I detailed a month ago, will crush 2nd Amendment Rights of Americans by allowing guns to be confiscated without due process. Here's what thom RINO tillis says about the Red Flag Law:

' I believe we can strike the right balance
between protecting law-abiding citizens’
Second Amendment rights while also being
mindful of an individual’s right to due process'

Spoken like a true RINO. Thom Tillis has sold gun owners down the river for years now, and North Carolina sheep were stupid to vote for him. Especially in light a Tea Partier was running against him!!! Amazing incompetence on the part of NC rethuglicans. If the Senate passes the law it will be up to Donald Trump to veto it. If he doesn't, he may well lose in 2020. Sad that we are having to worry about gun laws passing with a Republican Senate and President.

THIS is exactly why status quo politicians like Lindsey Graham, Tillis, McCain, McConnel, Ryan, Bohner, Bushes and slews of others are so damaging. Had they gained my rights back during periods of Republican control, then dumpocrats wouldn't be able to take ADDITIONAL RIGHTS as they do now. Buckle up, the road is getting rough.

Johnny Rico

Barbara South

Blogger said...

Well Tillis fooled me. He voted to support our president. I was about to start thinking about Sen. Mark Meadows. Maybe Tillis saved himself. I did write him and thanked him.

guy faulkes said...

Blogger, take it from the Wolf, JR, and me; you can't trust Tillis in an outhouse with a muzzle on. He will find some way to eat the left's crap no matter what you do to try to stop him..

guy faulkes said...

Since JR brought up GRNC......

Johnny Rico said...

I hear Lindsy Graham is back to his ole RINO bag of tricks and will vote for the Red Flag law as well. Tillis will sell you out every time if he thinks it will help him retain power. And what is Burr up to lately. He sure isn't supporting Trump or the proletariat.

Johnny Rico

Johnny Rico said...

From Grass Roots NC:

"US Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) looks to be capitulating to his anti-gun colleagues in Washington. Tillis has telegraphed his support for Gun Confiscation laws (a.k.a. "Extreme Risk Protection Orders" or "Red Flag" laws) by supporting S. 7. This bill would allow the word of an accuser, voicing “concerns,” to strip a citizen of several of the Constitutional protections guaranteed by the Bill of Rights—without due process. Yet, in Senator Tillis’ recent correspondence with concerned constituents, he did not address any of the glaring and very serious problems with S. 7"

The Judiciary Committee will vote on this tomorrow, March 26th. Call Thom Tillis' Washington DC office tomorrow morning and tell him not to vote for the Red Flag law. One other interesting thing is Mitch McConnell can refuse to allow the bill to the Senate floor for a vote. Doing so would be something that Tillis has already done many times during his stint at the NC Senate when he refused PRO GUN BILLS a hearing on the floor as he said they didn't "poll well."

Johnny Rico