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Monday, March 25, 2019

Maybe if Mueller Had Finished His Job


Johnny Rico said...

I distinctly remember the liberal outlets characterizing the Mueller Team as a "Hunter Killer Team" in reference to Mueller's service in Vietnam. Well the Hunter Killer Team found NO COLLUSION!! The liberals suddenly don't want to refer to the Mueller Team as a Hunter Killer Team now. Why is that? The liberals had much confidence in Mueller to be impartial and fair. Now that Trump is vindicated they no longer feel that way. Facts have a way of showing idiots how stupid they are. Right liberal pov? LOL

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

Sarkazein said...

There is a court ruling that says a person has the right to resist an illegal arrest. If all the evidence out there is true and proves the Russian hoax was purposely set up by the Democrats, a good lawyer should be able to successfully argue that everything coming from that investigation including its handoff to SDNY should be declared illegal with all arrests declared illegal.

Anonymous said...

When was the Mueller Report made public?

Sarkazien said...

"If all the evidence out there is true..."

Johnny Rico said...

noneymouse coward,

When was Operation Fast and Furious made public?