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Wednesday, May 1, 2019


This video is Candace's opening statement to Nadless. This is a strong woman. She introduces the Democrats to truth.


Johnny Rico said...

Boy don't you know the left absolutely despises conservative blacks like Candace Owens. She threatens their very ideology. What's going to really be funny is when more blacks and Hispanics figure out the hate and lies of the left and start voting otherwise.

Anonymous said...

For that to happen, we would have to allow immigration and restore voting rights.

Sarkazein said...

Like the lie that says Blacks can't vote and America does not allow legal immigration. Not hard to figure. The Left just thinks (wrongly) Blacks and Hispanics are ignorant. Their lies are wearing out... now they have to promise them money.

Johnny Rico said...


You're right, the left thinks they know what's best for the blacks that are being kept on the plantation of welfare. More than ever, one sees conservative blacks like Candice Owens, Allan West, Kanye West and many others coming out of the woodwark as enlightened conservatives. Notice how the left dodges then like the plague.

Johnny Rico

guy faulkes said...

"For that to happen, we would have to allow immigration and restore voting rights."

Immigration is allowed, Dufus. Illegal aliens have no rights to restore.