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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Letter Sent to President

Dear President Trump,

 Once again I am so proud of you walking out on the two nasties today. We have your back.

As I told you before, I am one of those fortunate prophetic people to whom God informed that you were His choice. In my case God spoke to me as you came down the escalator that you would be our president, even explaining to me why I would be very pleased. And, so far all He said has been as expected.

Having said all that, there is just one thing I could hope you might consider. Please fully consider Sen. Lindsey Graham’s proposal on fixing the southern border emergency. I believe his ideas have the people’s ear. Americans are finally awakening to the situation and they are alarmed. I believe they are ready to get behind Graham.

At the same time, I believe with your proposals to fix the problem, you are stepping all over Graham’s. His timing is right. His proposal is where the people are.

The people are not ready yet to tackle chain migration and merit base. That will take a lot of consensus building and we are not there yet By passing the simple common sense legislation of Graham, you guarantee reelection in 2020. Then you have four more years to really get immigration fixed.


Blogger said...

Pelosi had the gall to say about the walkout "“I wish that his family or his staff would have an intervention, for the good of the country.” By now I know you all have noticed that Pelosi is doing some weird things with her mouth. One thing I know that causes such involuntarily muscle movements is a specific anti-psychotic medication. She might know about psychiatric interventions.

Wolf's Head said...

As Guy said at dinner last night, Trump is the best President we have ever had.

I agree. Reagan was great, but he was too Republican to buck the establishment.

Trump is a fighter, and a very smart and reasonable man.

You can't negotiate with vipers, either in the Congress or the Middle East.

Blogger said...

Pelosi received .004 % of the number of votes that Trump did. On top of that she represents San Francisco where many voters are certified dingbats and illegals.

Yet under our system the president has to treat her as equal. Must be maddening.

Blogger said...

I hope you are all keeping up. The Congress‘s role is to hold hearings to gain information for shaping legislation. Then they fund that. Then they do oversight to see the money is spent as they legislated.

It is not their constitutional role to be holding hearings on the president in that such hearings do not produce legislation. Yet, because their constituents are known for their stupidity, the demoncrats are trying to convince the rest of us that oversight of a president is their constitutional responsibility.

Blogger said...

Wolf, I agree with everything you wrote. Thanks for all your posts.