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Tuesday, June 11, 2019


This is a well written history of the little war that came out of nowhere. I remember thinking we were bombing the daylights out of a sovereign country and I never believed the reason given was legitimate.
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Wolf's Head said...

I remember it all.

Such as the cruise missile that hit the Chinese embassy. (Oops)

Or the hundreds if not thousands of civilians Clinton bombed.

My nephew was stationed there as a military policeman manning a checkpoint where their main objective was disarming anyone who came through.

Disarming civilian families during a civil war is an atrocity all its own.

Maybe twenty years after the destruction of Haiti this reporter moron will describe how the clintons Shit the Haitians out of billions for them and their cronies

Sarkazein said...

Wolf's Head- I remember Clinton was taking out their infrastructure like utilities too.

Johnny Rico said...

These crimes pale in comparison to the crimes slick willie perpetrated against innocent children with Epstein. Why does the media refuse to implicate Billary when he was on that island multiple times. If he was conservative, and innocent like Bill Cosby, he would be toast. Double standard as usual.