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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

I just watched an interview on FOX with Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar- D . His district is on the border. His neighbors are Border Guards and Customs Agents. His voters are the same. He knows and admits the border is in crisis. He could not denounce Acostia-Cortez's (SP) calling the detention centers on the border "concentration camps". He could not denounce Acostia-Cortez's (SP) doubling down on her statement by using the words "Never Again". He could not denounce it because he is afraid of Pelosi. and he has no guts. He danced all around it, but did not have the nerve to denounce it. This has to be one of the worst acts of political cowardice in Texas. Democrats are in full groupthink mode. His neighbors need to throw him out of office for calling them NAZI death camp guards by not denouncing AOC (sp). I could not find the video of the interview to post, yet.


Sarkazein said...

The Fox News anchors did try repeatedly, much to my surprise, to nail Cuellar down. But he continued right to the end with his chaînés.

Johnny Rico said...


Cuellar is and always has been a leftist. He, like most democrats, put on a united front no matter how wrong they are. They support each other in everything which makes them truly formidable if they gain a majority and the Presidency. Also, Cuellar is evidence of how many truly stupid sheeple live on the Texas Mexico border. Wonder where they came from?

Katy Blasey Fiero

Sarkazein said...

Johnny Rico 12:43 PM- I can't imagine being so afraid of your party leaders that you can't stand up and defend your constituents from such a brazenly false claim. He is a political coward.