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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Senator Tillis ,A Hero

     "President Trump has to use every device at his disposal -- including tariffs -- when it comes to the immigration crisis on the southern border, Senate Judiciary Committee Member Thom Tillis, R-N.C., said on Tuesday.

Appearing on  Fox's"America’s Newsroom," Tillis told hosts Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith: "I’m a free trader, but I do think we have to make it very clear: when you take advantage of our open economy, when you steal our intellectual property, when you don’t cooperate with us on things that are also important -- like securing the border -- then the president has to have those tools available to come to a good solution for the American people and our trading partners."

If queasy Republicans  try to block the President on his tariffs, he can easily veto whatever they do. However, if they try, they will destroy the Republican party.

I read an article that put things into perspective for me. The author stated that we are moving into a new era in which wars can be carried out with economic weapons rather than guns and bullets.

President Trump is out in front of this new concept of war.  At this point at least one of our Senators gets it.

However, with the wimps we have now, at the slightest economic discomfort, expect a lot of cry babies. Oh for the great generation.


guy faulkes said...

Tillis is a good indicator of which way the wind is blowing. More and more people like Trump so Tillis does too. If Trumps suffers a slight setback, Tillis will abandonm him, Do Not Trust Tillis.

Blogger said...

But if you are listening to McConnell and all the cowardly republicans, you would know Tillis is bravely moving against the tide. Not only that, but he is revealing he is smarter than a lot of the others. He is revealing clear thinking like someone that God has removed the veil from like Lindsey and Gingrich and others.

guy faulkes said...

In North Carolina, Trump is very strong. Tillis wants to be on his side, but not to far to switch sf needed. I warn you, you cannot trust Tillis.

Johnny Rico said...

Tillis is an illegal alien loving, anti-gun liberal lite commie. He sold out NC voters on the gun issue time and again and will do it now while in the Senate. He makes RINO Richard Burr look like child's play

Jane Redding