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Thursday, July 18, 2019



Sarkazein said...

Some Democrats are mad at the squad because they are spilling the beans. Democrats are about incrementalism. The squad lays out the true Democrat agenda and exposes Democrats for what they are, They don't want voters to know what they are all at one time. If ever there was true examples of Democrats, it is the squad. The squad is the real Democrat.

Johnny Rico said...

Still can't understand how asking someone to go back to their country equals racism. The public school system has dumbed enough of the sheeple down that they can no longer differentiate between national origin and racism - it's melded into the same thing by leftists bent on radically changing the fabric of the nation. The same leftists screaming the President (notice upper case) is a racist were themselves saying they would leave the country if Trump were elected. Hypocrisy anyone?

Johnny Rico

Sarkazein said...