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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Gay marriage, we've been told, will not affect you. What a crock.

  One of our readers calling self: "Here we go again" writes the following:

Not that anyone cares any more about this, but an interesting read:

The Federalist

The article begins with a reminder that we were promised that gay marriage would not affect anyone who holds and wishes to live by religious views in favor of traditional marriage. It then follows with four examples of people being persecuted for doing just that. Here is the summary:

"Over and over and over, the refrain went: Gay marriage is not a threat to you! Legalize it and nothing will change!"

A ruling in favor of 'love' has instead, resulted in open and unapologetic hate.

We have known for some time that this refrain was a lie—that it was a willful lie, and that these assurances were nothing more than a smokescreen of dishonesty and political chicanery. It is obviously not enough for gay marriage to be merely legal; progressives take it as a matter of personal offense that anybody, anywhere might not get behind homosexual matrimony as enthusiastically as the Left has done.

The Supreme Court's decision will only galvanize this tendency. Thus comes the deluge, now on a national scale: the fines, the gag orders, the unfavorable tax treatment, the refusal to entertain the opposition's opinion in polite society. The Supreme Court has unleashed a strange, almost comical beast upon the American body politic: a ruling in favor of "love" has instead resulted in open and unapologetic hate, and a public campaign made in the name of "tolerance" has instead resulted in a ruthless regime of intolerance.

Endlessly, it was repeated: if gay marriage is legalized, it will have nothing to do with you. Well, here we are. Gay marriage is legal. And it is clear that it will have everything to do with every one of us. We were lied to, and we will have to deal with the consequences, one silenced baker and bankrupt church at a time.

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Foscoe in Phoenix said...

The Colorado Cake bakers will disagree that gay marriage won't affect you. If they can force a baker to bake a cake against his will then they would force a black seamstress to sew KKK hoods, right? If not, then what's the difference?