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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Marianne Williamson is Only Right, It is Spiritual

   Last night in the dems debate presidential candidate Marianne Williamson declared  to her opponents positions:  "If you think any of this wonkiness is going to deal with this dark psychic force of the collectivized hatred that this president is bringing up in this country, then I’m afraid that the Democrats are going to see some very dark days."

Marianne has a diagnosis.  But her typical new age kumbayah is a pathetic solution.   There is a "collectivized hatred" and Trump is  "bringing up in this country."   However,  Trump  only revealed the  Derangement Syndrome.     He did not cause it ,Marianne.

Following is the real cause for the collectivized hatred as well as the solution.
Read:Trump is God's Choice
Charisma Magazine wrote:

"God is using him (Trump) to uncover the veil of the current political leadership and culture in America to show us the corrupt nature of what is under that veil.

Trump is articulating what we all felt was under that veil—deception, lying, lack of accountability and pandering to what is politically correct. Trump is seeking to represent something that is the exact
opposite. "
Trump. the revealer of darkness

It is the Demoncrats who have the Trump Derangement Syndrom triggered off in them by the forces of light..

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