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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

To Watauga Democrat and High Country News


Commenter JR asked.
"Did anyone hear about the road construction worker killed in Deep Gap? And guess who ran him over. Anyone want to take a guess why it matters who killed him? This ought to be interesting..."

Commenter Sark responded:

"I'll take a guess- an intoxicated male without the proper documentation to prove US citizenship."

JR responded.:
"Why Sark, you must be a clairvoyant. Notice how this story has already dropped off all high country news sites. There's a reason for that - the story is inconvenient for the left as it destroys their oft repeated narrative. What's more interesting is that all the other county deaths over the past year have up to date, aggressive reporting designed to keep readers informed. Even people missing and presumed dead have follow up stories. Why no other information pertaining to the individual who committed this homicide?

The family out on Highway 105 was killed by an illegal alien a few years back, and that story is forgotten. Now we have a highway worker killed and the story is already almost buried. Reminds me of the illegal alien gang members attacking American citizen kids at Watauga High School a couple years ago - almost like it never happened. The leftist agenda is upon you folks. Any liberal socialist sheep who claim to love Baltimore (but never lived there) want to chime in? LOL. Very inconvenient isn't it!!!"

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Johnny Rico said...

Silence is a telling thing isn't it Blogger? The background of the homicide suspect who killed the American citizen isn't covered. Not a peep now. Why is this? Does the fellow who was killed by the mystery individual deserve better than this or is he already forgotten? I won't forget him.

Fred Morrison

Johnny Rico

Anonymous said...

The High Country Press didn't even run the story in the first place.

Johnny Rico said...

Well Blogger, it looks like they fled the field similar to the way they flee everyday Americans with fake news, no news, and social engineering. We keep seeing updates on those two armed robbers that Ashe County Sheriff's Department caught. Those idiots didn't even kill anyone but still get two or three news stories. The poor fellow working hard to provide for his family on the construction crew doesn't garner anything. In fact, it's almost like the fringe left news media is mad at him for being killed by a suspiciously mysterious individual that we know nothing about. Why don't we know anything about the killer who killed an American citizen. Why is law enforcement not providing a press release to get the story out? The story is done because they don't want to tell the whole story. If this doesn't wake up the proletariat, then nothing will. Excellent thread Blogger.

Virginia Lambesart

Johnny Rico said...

Still we have silence. What are they hiding? What's even worse than failing to report on the homicide suspect is the failure to report any facts on the man who was killed. Was he married, did he have any children, where did he live, what did his neighbors say about him, what school did he go to ect? Where and when will he be laid to rest? The whole story couldn't go away soon enough. Something worth mentioning here regarding the disappearing story. If you go to the Watauga Democrat Online Website and look at the most popular articles, this story remains the most popular despite being taken off the front page of the newspaper after 2 days. Why is it the most read article. More than likely due to the attention it's gotten from this site. Blogger, have you seen an increase in visits to this website over the past week? What about for this particular post?

Although we don't know where the victim went to school, the Watauga Democrat was, for some strange reason, sure to mention the homicide suspect was a graduate of Appalachian State University. Why would they mention that fact in the first place? Was it to make the homicide suspect look better somehow in the public's eyes? Why would they want to make the homicide suspect more favorable in some way? Anyone have a guess?

A lot of information was missing in that article in the Democrat. No information on the situation in High Country Press because they refused to report on it at all. I notice that more important news items are often dual reported in both the High Country Press and Watauga Democrat. Why not this one?

Funny how the liberal socialist sheep who crawl out from under whatever cow patty they are laying under (feeding) to send a flippant comment to truth telling conservatives won't touch this one. Why is that? LOL!!!

Your ole pal

Sarah Wilkerson

Johnny Rico said...

Weeks later and no updates on the poor road construction flagger who was killed by someone named Israel with dual addresses. The flaggers family set up a Go Fund Me page that has only raised 400 dollars. Perhaps had the news media reported on this tragic event for more than a couple of days before removing from news cycle the family might have recieved more.

Why no updates on the individual who killed the road flagger? Surely by now, if a reporter investigated, the reader might know more including the complete set of charges levied against the homicide suspect as well as any other charges or investigations by other agencies. Are any other law enforcement agencies looking into the case for any reason? Strange how reporting is virtually nil on this case.

Also strange how the case remains one of the most read on Watauga Democrat despite the unusually short run cycle. High Country Press never ran the story at all which is incomprehensible given that a high country resident was tragically killed while working hard to support his family. (That same family, again, is having a hard time raising money on the Go Fund Me Page they set up).

Finally, could this tragedy have been averted in some way - another question good reporting might help caring citizens answer.

Johnny Rico said...

The Watauga Democrat provided updates yesterday on the Bar B Que illness as well as the ASU student killed in Canada. No updates or further information on the road flagger who was tragically killed right here in Watauga County. The road flagger's family is suffering and the Go Fund Me Page set up for him has received only $400.00. I would think an update is in order, replete with the Go Fund Me information so his grieving family might be helped. The individual who killed the road flagger, is there no further information on him? Usually the Democrat goes in depth on this type of thing, but they are staying away from reporting on the homicide suspect for some reason. Sark, you probably nailed it with your prescient post regarding who he might be.

It's also strange that not a singe liberal socialist wants to touch this post, nor does the local media that Blogger invited to answer questions. Why would that be? Inconvenient truths they are afraid of revealing perhaps? Sad state of affairs as we continue to grieve for the flagger's family.

Annie Blair-Casey

Johnny Rico said...

Still no takers on this topic. Amazing.

Annie Blankenship-Ford