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Thursday, July 18, 2019

When You Have Blog Readers Who Are Higly Informed

  Guy Faulkes responds to his prescient article written four years ago: 
 For this country to recover from the accumulative damage that has been done to it, many painful measures will have to be taken. – This has started in many respects, but I have to wonder if people will stay the course.

For instance, the illegal immigration problem will have to be solved. – Trump has directed ICE to start deportations, but I have to wonder if this is any more than they used to do. We have to drastically increase the number that is being deported. We need to build the wall and at the same time revise the laws concerning legal immigration. This is not to say we should weaken them. One off the changes should be that if you entered the country illegally, you go to the back of the line. Anchor babies are something else that will have to b dealt with. Giving sanctuary will have to be tightened up. However, Trump is trying and is doing more than I thought he could.

. A work ethic is going to have to replace the gimme gimme ethic that liberals of both parties established in order to by votes. – This has progressed beyond my hopes as witnessed by the economy and the creation of jobs. I give Trump the credit for this as Congress did little to nothing to help.

The cost of health care will have to be addressed and lessened through competition among providers. – I see little change in this.
Over-restrictive regulations will need to be eliminated and government agencies will have to be reduced in size or eliminated – Trump has been very successful in accomplishing this. Much more needs to be done.
Taxes will have to be reduced and investment in business to create jobs and the economy. - Trump has done very well in doing this on a federal basis. Can’t say the same for the states. That will be up to us and our votes.
The social security problem will have to be addressed as there is a moral obligation to provide for those forced to participate in it for their entire working lives. – There is little change on this issue. We have to stop thinking of this as a matter of being an entitlement. People paid into this and deserve a return on their forced investments. The fund should be repaid the amount the government took from it plus interest. Cuts should be made in other programs to accomplish this. The funding for Planned Parenthood would be a good place to start. Trump will have a difficult time doing this as the baby murderers are adamant in support of it.

Individual civil rights such as those confirmed in the Bill of Rights will need constant protection. Then there are socially moral issues such as abortion that will come into play. - I combined these two as Trump’s appointments of conservative judges are a great help in both. We have to stop thinking of the not yet born as not being people. As a, matter of fact, they are citizens when their heart starts beating (if applicable due to immigration law).

Will the result be that the "progressives" will be able to overcome reform and return to the same old same old or will those that actually produce be able to hold the course? It took decades to reduce the country to its present condition. How long, if it can ever be done, will it take to make it recover? Is this a chance for recovery or is it a bump in the road on the path to having to come back out of the ashes? Will people be willing to make the needed sacrifices or will it have to be forced on them? After all, the direction we were headed in was doomed to fail so change would have eventually had occurred in any case. Do enough people realize this fact? – These questions remain unanswered.

If my liberal friends respond with the same ideology they always use, please tell me why it will work now after failing for years. – I would still like an answer to this question.

Is Rico finally going to be able to see the conservatives "DO SOMETHING"?" – I think Rico has a partial answer. Trump has worked miracles. He has had help from some conservatives, but the establishment Republicans has done more to actually hurt him than have the Democrats.
The country is divided. If the liberals win the presidency and control of both houses, the country is done for. (Notice I said liberals not Republican. Liberal Republicans need to be removed in the primaries.) As a matter of fact, I predict a civil war due to liberal’s stances on gun control, over regulation, and polices that will destroy this country. People will starve to death due to these policies. It will be a war of survival as well as ideology. 2020 and every election thereafter will be the determining factor on the survival of the country and many thousands of people. This will continue to be the case until the liberals back off on their present lunacy. As I said before, do people have the courage to stay the course? God help us. I fear for the Republic.

I give Trump an A- and feel he is the best President of the modern era.


guy faulkes said...

Blogger, thank you for the kind words. I hope Reader, Sark, the Wolf, Rico, and others (including some liberals) will respond to this. I am interested in their opinions.

Reader said...

Guy, I totally agree with what you are saying then and now. I talked to a gentleman before Trump went in office, he didn't seem to have any confidence that he would be elected and I said you wait and see - he will go in. He probably reads this blog and if he does, he'll know who I am. People wanted a change, they got it.
I'm not a Psychologist like Blogger or Dickson but I do know the best kind of business people have a little narcissism in them. In order to change things you have to hurt feelings and step on some toes to accomplish it. Too much is not a good thing.

I've been so angry about how people think they can change our they can stop the rains or heat of the sun or anything that God provides Himself to us.
May God help them in their way of thinking about changing the earth themselves.

SS is one thing I don't have any confidence in receiving. The years have flown by, now creeping up on me to draw in a couple of years. It's not going to be where I thought it would be, in an account waiting, drawing interest and ready to send monthly until I die. Not going to happen.

You are right about the liberal Republicans, Guy. No more turning the other cheek hoping they'll do better. I've already emailed numerous people telling them they will no longer get my vote...ever. I don't even look at their emails any longer, just delete them. They've sickened me with their votes with the left.

Abortions top my agenda of sickness from the left. I don't even want to hear an argument from them about it's their choice. They are murderers, plain and simple.

I agree also about ICE. Deport, turn away, build whatever it takes to keep them out illegally. There is no other way. I'm a big supporter of our veterans, they are the ones who deserve our help. My father was not in the service, all his brothers, except one were in the service and my grandfather died in Asheville-Oteen before I was born. I have cousins who served in they mean more to me than the people coming from another country and scaling our fences. I support the DAV also and will continue to support our veterans over illegals.

Trump is doing great things with our economy. He gets an A from me on that! I think the people will stay the course, Guy. It's benefitting them, they are working and going on vacation and spending that money. I think they realize what has happened to our great nation and will continue to support a strong economy going forward. Only the ones who are ignorant will not give an inch in years to come. I continue to hear things from my in-laws that are just all out foolish. Some will turn toward the light, some stay in darkness. Look at their faces, most of them never smile, always negative and always trying to find a way of dividing our nation. Then you have the ones who are seeing progress and turning on the evil ones who want to destroy the freedoms we so gallantly fought to preserve for over 200 years.

He is doing fine, Guy. No worries from me.

Johnny Rico said...

Guy Faulks is indeed prescient. His posts over the years have always highlighted the issue in ways that only a truly bright mind can. His assessment of Trump's activities and what will need to be done to keep this train going are superlative. I especially like the view of social security. It's not an entitlement when you're forced to pay into it. The entitlement terminology was nothing more than social engineering by big government zealots out to control the masses.

I think what Guy is pressing us on is the fact that people, or many people anyway, are starting to wake up. Trump is waking them up through his rhetoric. By now one has to think he means to do what he's doing, as there are just too many issues and sad situations he's brought to into the light unlike any other President in a long, long time. When he talked about sending the four horse faces of the apocalypse, he suddenly, in just a few moments, brought the Democrats to their rescue - at the peril of the Democrats. Schumer and Pelosi, who had been trying to distance themselves from the 4 horse faces and now forced to defend them. That won't bode well for Democrats in the general election. RINOs of the past would still be giving us the same tired talking points that get us nowhere as a country. Trump is making things happen. He's moving the game along in a fashion anathema to big government, elitists, and politicians.

The question is whether or not too many socialists from third world cesspools are living in the United States. I fear there they will start swaying elections unless Trump gets tough and starts deporting these criminals by the millions. If he can pull that off, our Republic will be saved. If he doesn't, due to the ever present swamp creatures on both sides of the aisle who put road blocks up at every point, then we are doomed. 2020 will be extremely interesting. If we hold on to the Presidency and put a majority of conservatives in both houses, then we've got a chance. Lot of ifs there, but if anyone can do it, it will be Trump.

God save the Republic.