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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Sanctuary City! Yikes!

A Reader commented on our sanctuary city post.
Our town (Boone, NC) does not cooperate either, as per their website:

"The Boone Police Department does not generally report arrests to ICE. It is rare that officers would even ask your legal status, as we do not have the authority to enforce immigration laws."

I suppose they don't think for themselves but from the higher ups...liberal mayor and officials.
Charlotte probably advises the ones released to come to the mountains and seek refuge.

I declare Reader, I did not know we are a sanctuary city. This is news to me. I can’t even get my mind around it because the people up here are such true Americans. I wonder how many are like me, uninformed and potentially scandalized?

Sooner or later someone could get hurt at the hands of an illegal who by definition has already broken our laws. At that time, we can hope the victim sues the socks off the city for knowingly turning a law breaker loose into our community.


Reader said...

I'm not sure if the local media shared this or not...most likely not. We just have to share the information with one another.

Blogger said...

Yes Reader, that's why we blog. We would rather not have to carry this load. But as Hannity says "The media in America is dead." So now, we the grassroots people have to be engaged as we are very close to losing our country to those who hate it.