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Friday, September 6, 2019

We Will Keep Our Guns, Thank You

Drudge reports that people are robbing others at gun point to take their food, post Dorian in Bahamas.


Anonymous said...

Something I cannot figure out about liberals. They claim that our government is running "concentration camps" down on the border and consistently compare conservatives to NAZIS. Yet, they want to disarm the people. Wouldn't it make sense that, if you truly believed the government is evil, you would want to make sure people have the right to resist that evil government and make sure it does not become tyrannical? They must believe that, for guns to be banned and confiscated, they will have first taken control of that government. So THEY will become the tyrannical government and want to make sure that THEY cannot be resisted by the people.

"Democratic Socialism" is only democratic for a short time. Once in power, accomplishing their goals becomes too important to risk in an election where ordinary people can reject their policies. Listen to these Dems now -- everything is a crisis, that calls for drastic action. Suspending freedom for "the environment," or "curbing gun violence" is a small price to pay for their religious wars. We have Dem candidates saying they will "take away your guns" openly (Beto). We have Dems saying "you cannot go too far on the issue of climate change" (Sanders).

Reagan was soooo right -- freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.

Anonymous said...

And I REALLY hope that idiot Alyssa Milano actually tries to debate Ted Cruz on unalienable rights, including the right to defend oneself. She will not be able to rely on sarcastic tweets that require next-to-no deep thinking. She will get embarrassed as she cries and appeals to "feelings" while Cruz methodically destroys her using the constitution and individual rights.

Sarkazein said...

"Reducing crime is an admirable goal of lawmakers and society at large. Honestly, it’s starting to become the only vision for America’s future that the left and right share.

Unfortunately, the agreement ends there.

While the left prefers to reduce crime by pretending it doesn’t exist or by attacking constitutional rights, the right wants to get out of the way and empower citizens to protect themselves and others.

But, years later, Maine is the safest state in the entire country, according to U.S. News"- Young Conservatives

Sarkazein said...

Maine has no requirement for license to carry either open or concealed.

Sarkazein said...

President Trump's ceremony awarding the Dayton cops for bravery had a huge mistake. The policemen were unarmed. Police don't like that. You just don't require a police officer to appear in public in uniform but unarmed. It's just not done, Whte House or no.

Sarkazein said...

Chief Acevedo Houston Police Department is a liberal. Today while he was giving a press briefing on the recent shooting of one of his officers (shot last night), he went on an anti-gun rant regarding bad people getting ahold of guns by buying directly from individuals. He had made another comment yesterday while the Democrats were here debating. The officer who is in guarded condition was disarmed by the shooter in a fight. It was the officer's own gun.