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Monday, October 14, 2019


   One of the earmarks of a takeover by the prince of darkness is he eventually pushes over the edge. Most recent example of this behavior can be seen in the destruction of  the legacy of Christopher Columbus. Statues of Columbus are being vandalized, smashed with sledgehammers spray painted with "murderer," even beheaded. Some cities are changing Columbus Day to "Indigenous Peoples Day". Sick! Sick! Sick!  

Lets look at some of the cretins’ stupidity:
1. Leftists like to call Christopher Columbus a mass murderer and perpetrator of genocide. The running theory from the Left is that Columbus gave blankets to Native Americans in an insidious effort to spread disease. In 1492 there wasn’t even a germ theory nor of course, a concept of inoculation!

2. Leftist like to claim that the culture in the Americas was peaceful prior to the arrival of Columbus. Total ignorance! There were all sorts of wars going on among the Indians just as there were all over the planet.

3. Many on the Left will tell you that Columbus didn’t "discover" America. Although technically true, it is totally irrelevant. Though it appears there were others, Columbus is the one who put us on the map. He was the first to MAKE AMERICA GREAT!

4. "Reunification of America to the rest of the world after more than 10 millennia of separation, was arguably the single most transformative events in history of mankind." (other than birth of Jesus, Blogger add)
The most dangerous aspect of the left is they are blissfully uneducated. It is obvious they think history started with them and what they had for breakfast.


Anonymous said...

You’re big on fictional information, propaganda and short on actual information.

Sarkazein said...

I have heard Leftists say the Indians didn't have jails. True, they tortured or killed their transgressors or sent them away from their village where they went to other villages. Some also ate their enemy in ceremonies.

Sarkazein said...

The Indians had slaves.

Anonymous said...


Sarkazein said...

Your link to Dylan Matthews would also tell you the American Revolution was a big mistake in his mind. Why would you think he would think anything different about civilizing America? He is busy being a useful idiot for the Communists and their list.