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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Why Evangelicals Are Proud They Supported Trump

  In case you have not heard, it was the evangelical vote that put Trump over the top. And Trump has delivered. Following are just a few of his gifts–most of which were in the first years:

1. Signing an Executive Order Protecting Free Speech and Religious Liberty (The Johnson Amendment) Trump’s order, urged the Department of Treasury and the IRS not to punish churches and 501(c)(3) nonprofits that speak about moral and political issues according to their faith.

2. Justice Department Protection Of Religious Liberty
Executive order issuing sweeping guidance for all federal agencies regarding religious liberty.

(We say Merry Christmas now.)

3. Exempting Faith-Based Organizations From Obamacare’s Contraception Mandate
(most notable, Little Sisters of the Poor).

4. Reversing Obama’s Public School Policies On Transgenderism

5. Reversing Obama’s Order On Faith-Based Government Contractors
Which had blocked businesses, faith-based companies and nonprofits whose hiring practices allegedly discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

6. Allowing federal money to pay to rebuild churches:
The Federal Emergency Management Agency recently said houses of worship can receive federal dollars to rebuild after natural disasters.

7. His religious advisory board has the most powerful religious leaders in the country. He meets with them often, as does evangelical Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo who along with others have regular prayer meetings. (Trump is amazingly orthodox in his beliefs.)

8. Installing the Constitutionalist Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court (What motivated a lot to go to polls.)

9. And the big one, moving the U.S. Embassy In Israel To Jerusalem,
 Acknowledging Jerusalem As Its True Capital (This has to do with the prophecy of Jesus’s return.)

10. And now, the U N speech.:



Anonymous said...

WHERE ARE YOU, HAPPILY MARRIED? I'm calling you out! Years ago you assured us gay marriage would not be a threat to people of faith or churches/faiths that objected on the basis of sincere religious beliefs. (Of course, you also expressed, in your posts, that any beliefs that did not align with yours were the result of hypocritical attitudes and could not possibly be a result of any sincere religious faith.) Well, what do we have now?

"Beto threatens tax-exempt status of churches if they don't support gay marriage"

I ALWAYS kmew the assurance of liberals were and are lies. Where is the full-throated defense of the rights of people of faith now? In 2012 - 2014 you talked about rights, rights, rights. How denying gays marriage was a denial of rights and was morally wrong. You claimed it would never threaten religious rights and even said you would defend religious rights if it did (although you shifted your statements on that as well, at first agreeing that no one should be compelled to attend a gay marriage, then later saying photographers and others COULD be forced to attend). Well, here is your chance. Defend religious rights as strongly as you did gay rights or admit you are a liar and a hypocrite who intentially issued false and misleading statements to hide the true goal of the gay lobby -- to eliminate religious opposition to the homosexual agenda.

Anonymous said...

What is the homosexual agenda?

Anonymous said...

Really??? That's all you got? Nothing to say about Beto threatening churches that do not support gay marriage? No questions about whether or not churches that do support gay marriage will maintain tax exempt status? No concerns over government punishing people for their beliefs? No questions or concerns about freedom of thought, speech, or religion? A blind idealogue, unwilling or unable to consider the rights of others -- in other words, a liberal.

The homosexual agenda is represented in Beto's opinion. To eradicate any opposition to homosexuality on moral, religious, or any grounds. It can be seen in the widely expressed disappointment in the gay community in the part of the Obergefell decision that clearly protected the rights of people to live by their faith, teach their children their faith, and vocally advocate their position. You probably don't support those kinds of rights for those kinds of people.

Sarkazein said...

The government tends to try and control society through taxation. This includes sin taxes, property tax and income tax. The religion tax for non-compliance (the Beto tax) is the Left's way of controlling society. The Perverted Left wants to put a sin tax on churches. The sin being, not believing as they do. The First Amendment is disregarded or perverted by the Left.

Anonymous said...

Statements like Beto's need to be widely published. Nobody's watching CNN, where the townhall occurred in which Beto made this statement. Evangelicals and people of all faiths NEED to know how liberals/democrats really feel about them. What might happen to them if someone like Beto or any other Democrat is elected. A lot of evangelicals voted for Trump in 2016 in spite of certain aspects of his character that they did not like, only because they were aware of the pure hatred and contempt democrats feel towards Christians. Statements like these made by Beto, applauded and cheered by the crowd in the townhall, will only reinforce the fact that democrats hate Christians and will push to persecute them once elected.

Show me one democratic candidate who has expressed any concern for or promised to protect people of faith to any degree similar to their concern for the LGBT community. It's not there. They've chosen a side. Don't be shocked or express indignation when evangelicals and other people of faith choose theirs. Better to vote for the man who doesn't hate and despise you like the democrats do in spite of his other shortcomings.

Anonymous 9:52 -- do YOU agree with Beto's statement? Will you answer with a simple yes or no? Liberals generally shy away from doing that...

Sarkazein said...

“If you come to tell me that you’re going to indoctrinate my kids on a particular policy and I can’t pull my kid out of the school…?” … adding “that I can’t go the church or synagogue that I want to?” Not only will people “not stand for that,” he replied his own rhetorical question, adding his two choices: 1. leave the country utterly or 2. “to pick up a gun.”

“Those are the only choices left to me.”

Ben Shapiro

Anonymous said...

What is the homosexual agenda, you asked?

"Every Democrat on stage pledged fealty to the Equality Act, a bill that would “crush” religious liberty, according to liberal law professor Douglas Laycock of the University of Virginia. The Equality Act “goes very far to stamp out religious exemptions,” Laycock told National Review in May. “It regulates religious non-profits. And then it says that [the Religious Freedom Restoration Act] does not apply to any claim under the Equality Act. This would be the first time Congress has limited the reach of RFRA. This is not a good-faith attempt to reconcile competing interests. It is an attempt by one side to grab all the disputed territory and to crush the other side.”"

Anonymous said...

From the same article:

Long-gone is the Democratic party of the 2000s that tried to unite blue-staters and red-staters under the Obama-esque rhetoric of hope and change. You’re a supporter of Elizabeth Warren but respectfully inform her your religion teaches you marriage is a union between one man and one woman? Candidate Warren would like you to know she thinks you’re probably an incel. Not merely a cuck.

Another questioner asked Warren about taking California’s curriculum about gender identity and sexual orientation nationwide. “In California, we’re already starting those kinds of teachings and parents have been very upset and outraged,” the questioner said. “How would you feel about it for the rest of the country?

“I believe this is about teaching children about our world. And of course we should teach them about our world. We should teach them about people. We should teach them about differences. So I strongly support this. And I support doing this in age-appropriate ways from the time they’re very young,” Warren replied. The curriculum Warren endorsed encourages teachers to explain the concept of gender fluidity to kindergarteners.

Do any of the Democratic presidential candidates know how they sound? Do they have any respect for local control or parental rights? Do they have any respect for religious liberty? The questions answer themselves.

Anonymous said...

And this:

How extreme is the Equality Act? Andrew Sullivan has written at New York magazine: “According to British Columbia’s definition of human rights . . . female-only salons have to accept every woman, including those with balls. And according to the proposed Equality Act, the gay lobby’s chief legislative goal, backed by every Democratic candidate, it would be a human right in America as well.”

Anonymous said...

And Sark, I googled "Ben Shapiro Beto" to find what you were referring to. You need to try that and see how it is being portrayed...

Anonymous said...

Love this quote on the issue:

"The Catholic Church feeds more hungry people every day in this country than any other institution, including the federal government.

Under Beto’s misguided policy, the Little Sisters of the Poor would lose their tax-exempt status because they oppose same-sex marriage."

Christopher J. Hale

No sacrifice is too great to be laid upon the altar of homosexuality/gay marriage.

Anonymous said...

"O'Rourke, meanwhile, has doubled down on the remark and tweeted Thursday night that "there can be no reward, no benefit, no tax break for anyone or any institution or organization in America that denies the full human rights, and the full civil rights, of everyone in America.""

Here is what liberals are incapable of comprehending -- believing that homosexuality is a sin and gay marriage is a sin does not deny anyone their "human rights" or "civil rights," especially since gay marriage is legal. If you don't like a particular PRIVATE church's views on homosexuality/gay marriage, don't go there. It's that simple. If you don't like that a PRIVATE religious school does not agree with you on gay marriage, don't go there! It's that simple. If you don't like that a PRIVATE religious charity, that HELPS people, opposes gay marriage, don't donate money/time to that charity. It's that simple. The threat of losing tax exempt status has one intended outcome -- to COMPEL religious organizations/individuals to CHANGE their beliefs, or at least, to make them shut up about it and accept/condone/celebrate that which they find sinful. So much for "tolerance."

Anonymous said...

Why is it OK for the government to indoctrinate the heterosexual agenda?

Besides, if you believe that homosexuality is a "sin", then why would you deny someones god given right away to go to hell, if that is what they choose?

Anonymous said...

I never said the government should indoctrinate the heterosexual agenda. Government IS indoctrinating the homosexual agenda, which I am guessing you now accept as a thing by your comment.

I never said I would never deny their "God given" right to go to hell. I strongly defend the right of people of faith to live by their beliefs. Do you?

Typical liberal. You cannot have an honest conversation. Either you intentionally misrepresent my position to cast me in a negative way or you are incapable of reading and comprehending what I have written. I am inclined to believe the former.

And I notice that you refused to respond to my simple and direct question -- do you agree with Beto? A simple yes or no answer, please.

Q said...

" I strongly defend the right of people of faith to live by their beliefs. Do you?"

Sure I believe that people of faith should live by their beliefs. As long as they don't impose their beliefs on people that don't share their beliefs.

Do you disagree with Sam Harris or Dr. Richard Dawkins or Galileo?

Anonymous said...

Oh for the days when the blacks and women knew their place and white men were in charge of everything. This country was a much better, wiser, stable place!!

Sarkazein said...


Sarkazein said...

Only Leftists write comments like Anonymous 10:50 AM above. To himself, he is the smartest person in his parent's basement.

Anonymous said...

Birds of a feather.

Anonymous said...

"Sure I believe that people of faith should live by their beliefs. As long as they don't impose their beliefs on people that don't share their beliefs." - Q, 8:40

WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT BETO IS TRYING TO DO!!!!! I've not tried to force my beliefs on anyone. I absolutely refuse to allow anyone to force their beliefs on me. In the situation we have been discussing, it is BETO who seeks to use the FORCE of GOVERNMENT to COMPEL me and other people of faith to believe as HE DOES! Why are you incapable of seeing that??? Nice try at pivoting this thread to a discussion on religious people, the intended VICTIMS of Beto's idea. Actually, NOT a nice try, since it didn't work. Care to way in on whether or not YOU agree with Beto? Should churches and religious organizations lose their tax exempt status for disagreeing with gay marriage?

Anonymous 10:50 - your comment is asinine and completely off topic. Is that all you got??? Someone who types that sort of comment realizes that they are getting their butt handed to them in a debate. You're a liberal, so you just defaulted to, "You're a racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic bigot" with no evidence to support your claim. Demanding rights and tolerance of people who spend a great deal of time talking about rights and tolerance is not evidence of racism or sexism. It won't work on me.

And by the way, you STILL have not answered -- DO YOU AGREE WITH BETO'S COMMENT? A SIMPLE YES OR NO, PLEASE. Your inability or unwillingness to answer belies the true liberal pattern. Never tell people what you really believe. Fool them until you win an election and spring stuff on them. It's no wonder voters so quickly return power in Congress to Republicans after a Democrat wins a presidential election. Happened to Clinton and Obama. The next midterm election gave the House back to republicans once democrats showed who they really are.

Anonymous said...

Beto is not my candidate. Who got the House in the last election??

Do you believe Trump is correct in abandoning the Kurds and seeking dirt from foreign governments against his political rivals?

Yes, churches should lose their tax exempt status.

Sarkazein said...

Anonymous 7:29 PM- It looks like BETO is no one's candidate. What a fluke that guy is. "Open the borders, take US citizen's guns, tax the churches and watch me get my horse teeth cleaned."

Yes, the Democrats won the House. They are doing exactly what THEY SAID is un-American, anti-democracy, and a disqualifier from US leadership and that is, not accepting the outcome of the 20216 election.

We will see what happens with the Turks and the Kurds. There should NOT be 10,000 ISIS prisoners. There should be 10,000 more ISIS graves. ISIS fighters have no protection under the rules of war. Summary executions should have wiped them out long ago. One weird thing is that it has deranged the Left (you) and turned them into hawks along with being officially Socialists and One Worlders.

Anonymous said...

Trump, de facto, set the ISIS fighters loose.

Another Texas peace officer shot and killed a black person in their own home.

Sarkazein said...

Anonymous 1:32 PM- Research the word intent. You will notice that no where in my post about the Harris County deputy do you see the race of the shooter. The deputy was in his car after talking with the driver at the driver's car. The driver/shooter got out of his car went back to the deputies car and shot and killed him. Intent. Both the Texas shootings you mentioned were not racial and there appears to be no intent in the Fort Worth shooting either. The racial thing you mention is not part of the intent. If you think so, you are wrong.

Sarkazein said...

I imagine Horse Teeth will say it is racial.

Anonymous said...

Which were the incorrect facts in my statement?

Anonymous said...

"Who got the House in the last election??" - Anonymous 7:29

Irrelevant to the point I was making. I was saying that liberals have to lie to win presidential elections, portraying themselves as "moderate" and "unifying." Then, when they get into office, they show their true colors by their actions and the next midterm election returns power in the House to the Republicans. Happened to Obama in 2010 after Obamacare and the "Stimulus" bill. Happened in 1994 to Clinton after the attempt at "Hillarycare" -- that one was huge since Republicans hadn't won the house in 40 years. The fact that I have to spend all this time and effort educating you exposes your ignorance, willful or otherwise.

You say churches should lose their tax exempt status, but don't claim Beto as "your" candidate. Interesting you felt the need to disavow Beto. Why should churches be taxed? For most of the nation's history, charitable giving and organizations have been encouraged to do good in this country by exempting them from taxes. Did you see the factoid above about the Catholic church feeding more people in this country every day than the federal government? Just from a financial standpoint, that is an absolute good. People get food, and the government/taxpayer is relieved of responsibility. Private organizations are always more efficient than government. Why would you want to penalize/punish people/institutions that do good in their communities? Do you hate people of faith?

By the way, I know what you will discuss in your response -- just waiting for you to prove to me who you really are.


Sarkazein said...

Anonymous 7:03 PM You are right, your comments have no meaning. You were just stating the news as a racialist sees it.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess liberal anonymous who wants to tax churches has fled the scene.

Sarkazein said...

If it moves tax it. Or as Fauxcahontas says, " Cost it."