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Public Transit Benefits Small Business

" A new study finds that commuters with access to free public transportation don’t drive any less — but they do take more leisure and shopping trips than those who have to pay a fare, which could help provide local economies with the cash they need to provide more social services." The economic concept of induced demand  (i.e., "build it and they will come") is fully illustrated here. And although increased access to public transit did not reduce miles-driven, it did increase revenue to local small businesses! 

Obama Doesn’t Have the Answers

The former president seems unable to reckon with the failures of his presidency and diagnose the Republican Party’s incurable nihilism. What Obama doesn’t acknowledge outright here is that denials of this reality—the insistence, for instance, that Joe Biden’s personal relationship with McConnell means something—are coming from Biden himself. In a speech Monday, Biden dismissed doubts about a return to bipartisanship under his administration. “The refusal of Democrats and Republicans to cooperate with one another is not due to some mysterious force beyond our control,” he said. “It’s a conscious decision. It’s a choice that we make. If we can decide not to cooperate, then we can decide to cooperate. I believe this is part of the mandate from the American people—part of the mandate they gave us. They want us to cooperate. They want us to deliver results. And the choice that Kamala and I will make is that we’re going to do that.”

The OAN Scam

One American News Network (OAN) is, well, kinda dangerous.  In the wake of Trump's all-out war against true journalism, OAN has emerged as his - and his blind followers - news outlet du jour.  OAN has reported that a North Carolina lab created the coronavirus. YouTube has had to take action against OAN, suspending their account after the "news network" pushed charlatan cures for COVID-19. If one were to search for "fake news", we'd have to look no further.  Trump has frequently lavished praise upon the otherwise unknown "news network" while they have, in turn, lavished praise upon him .  Trump has treated FoxNews like a first-wife - quickly leaving and publicly courting his mistress, OAN. And the lackeys have followed rank-in-file.  The media company was launched by Robert Herring, a Los Angeles pet store owner. Herring started his media conglomerate with  WealthTV .