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At 85, the libertarian tycoon who spent decades funding conservative causes says he wants a final act building bridges across the political divide.  Charles Koch Says His Partisanship Was a Mistake

Most Secure Election Ever

There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud and Trump seems to agree:   "...what a wonderful job the Trump Administration did in making 2020 the most secure election ever. Actually this is true"  Despite his public admission of unprecedented electoral security, Trump continues his authoritarian parallel claim that the electoral results are fraudulent .  Are the elections results valid? Yes.  Is Trump playing authoritarian by claiming both positions and attempting to manipulate the GOP base? Also yes. 

Statehood for Puerto Rico and DC

What if DC and Puerto Rico were granted statehood? Both jurisdictions have been asking (voting) for this for decades, yet Congress has failed on the issue.  Political experts posit both Puerto Rico and DC as swing states - with a leaning towards Republican. Yet, even after the House passed a statehood measure, the Senate refused to vote .  As an open question: Who is afraid of a voice for all Americans? Puerto Ricans ( who have no Congressional voting representatives and cannot vote for President ) and DC'ers are as American as you or me, yet lack full electoral power on a federal level. 

New Authors & Comment Moderation

Thanks for your patience! After a week of vetting new blog authors, we thank every single one of you who were interested. We have three new authors! All authors will use the name "Admin" here on this blog. Our authors are: A PhD in Political Science A local (WNC) business owner An (WNC) elected official Additionally, comment moderation has now been removed! In the first week of this new format we received far too many comments with racial/ethnic epithets and other untoward language - thus the need to moderate. We are happy that these horrid comments have ceased and that we can return to open commenting!