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Following the January 6th attack on the Capitol, the seditionists have gone into deep hiding! 

Blogger, Sark, Guy, Wolf, and the rest have sunk their heads down in the hopes that we will overlook their multi-year cooperation in this anti-American farce that is Trump-ism. 

Even the the aptly-named "Nobody" who attempted a competing blog following our departure from racism/fascism/authoritarianism has deleted her own content after the coup d'etat. (Note that "Nobody" is the reason why we are moderating comments for racist and fascist content...probably explains the blog deletion). 

Hear it here and hear it loud - fascism and authoritarianism are not welcome here.


Anonymous said…
I have yet to see a single "conservative" post on this "conservative" blog. Are the "conservatives" that now run this blog happy with everything that the dumpocrats have done? A $1.9 trillion pork-filled payoff to dem interests? A crisis at the border because illegals from central America think that a Biden presidency means unlimited access to the nation and "free" stuff paid for by American taxpayers? Shutting down the pipeline and banning new leases for fracking causing gas prices to rise 60 cents in two months? (Look for gas to be over $3 by summer.) Any "conservative" concerns for the likely inflation due to higher energy prices and the hardships that will impose on America's working poor?

I will say again -- this blog is dead. You stole the blog, shut down free speech, and you are not conservative. You are Antifa leaning fascists (yes, the "anti-fascists" are actually the fascists) acting like NAZI brownshirts, preventing opposing viewpoints from being expressed.

How much will you edit this post before making it visible, if at all?
Dickson said…
Well this is kind of sad. Sark, Wolf's head, Johnny, and the rest helped keep me in touch with the latest wacky conspiracies and provided absolute comedy gold in the process. I enjoyed many a good verbal spar with most of them... it's odd that I'm weirdly divided about not being able to argue with them about something like "vaccine micro chips" anymore. But hey, It'll be ok.

To the new admins, KUDOS. You are, of course, 100% correct in condemning the sedition at the Capitol and seeking to reign in the vitriolic conspiracy filled hysteria that had come to dominate this blog. I commend you for undertaking what I'm sure must have been a difficult and frustrating process. All the best.

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