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Business Ventures

As a real estate magnate, Trump is accustomed to leveraging assets in order to fund new ventures. Only this time, the "asset" is the United States of America. In short - we're being played. 

Trump's business acumen does not translate to governance, as the US is not an apartment building to be leveraged. Yet, we know that his campaign is soliciting money that would go directly to him and his personal interests

We also know that Giuliani is charging the American tax payer upwards of $20,000 per day to "challenge" election results. 

AND, we know that Trump is planning a new Trump-branded media outlet while he lambasts FoxNews (his most ardent media support) in his final days as President. 

Trump's goal was never governance. It was self-enrichment. With a long history of scams, his last days as President are simply bringing this truth to the forefront. 


LPOV2 said…
And now Trump is exploring pre-emptive pardons for his kids and real-life bridge-troll Giuliani.

My god, this entire administration has been inept at being inept.
LPOV2 said…
And more......payment for pardon.

Where are the anti-corruption conservatives now? Sark? Blogger? Guy? Wolf? Anyone?

Nope. They're all just fascist sycophants who have retreated. Good riddance.

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