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The Dead Shell of the GOP

The American people resoundingly rejected the GOP's platform in November (by over 7 million votes). Biden's electoral votes have eclipsed those of Trump's 2016 victory - which he called a landslide victory.

In response, fake conservatives have shouted "voter fraud" without evidence. Interestingly, these worshipers at the false altar of Trump also shouted the same in 2016 when Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million votes. 

Through all of the shouting and bombastic behavior of these fake conservatives, Americans have largely moved on from the antiquated and unintelligent GOP platform

Instead of screaming "socialism!" at anything that makes them uncomfortable, conservatives should take a moment to self-reflect on the authoritarian path they are happily sprinting down


Unknown said…
This blog is dead. Your comment moderation shows you are unwilling to engage in true debate. You stole the blog, shut down free speech, then allow comments that claim that the old commenters "have fled" when you're just not allowing the comments to be displayed. Stupid.
Admin said…
Unknown, you may read more about the transition here, here, here, and here.

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